Useful programs for connecting to

Here's a list of links to progams you can use to connect to in various ways. If you find that any of these links are dead, or want to recommend a new program for this page, please mail us.

Shell Access

Shell access is only available via ssh. Here are our recommendations:

  • Win32: Putty is the generally recommended SSH client for windows. Command-line junkies stuck on Windows should immediately install Cygwin. Be sure to install both ssh and mintty, the Putty-derived console window.
  • Unix / Linux / BSD / OS X / BeOS : You guys already have ssh, just crack open a terminal.

File Access

For security reasons, doesn't use standard FTP. We prefer using scp and/or sftp, which are subsets of the ssh protocols mentioned above. Try these:

  • Win32: There's a great freeware scp client, WinSCP, that acts just like a GUI FTP client. Highly recommended. Also, again, Cygwin gets you command-line scp like the pros use.
  • Unix / Linux / BSD / OS X / BeOS: You guys already have scp. Just crack open a terminal.

MOO Access

You can access our MOO in a variety of ways. The MOO server is reachable via port 7777. Here's a list of ways to get to The Meadow:

  • The WebSockets interface at http://hayseed.netmeadow.html.
  • Using the excellent cross-platform client tk-MOO light -- works with Unix/Linux, Win32, and MacOS. This is the Official Hayseed Networks Recomended MOO Access Method™.
  • Using any local client of your choice, including raw telnet, to connect to on port 7777. The masochist's approach... ;-)