Hayseed Networks - The Meadow

Welcome to our little virtual world, "The Meadow." To connect and have a look around, type connect guest into the entry box below.

Once you connect, you'll arrive in "The Shelter," which is a low-traffic area that's set up so you won't be bothered while you get your bearings. You'll be handed a pamphlet with basic hints as soon as you connect; type read pamphlet at any time to read it. We have a map of the MOO available, so feel free to look around!

If you end up disconnecting, just reload the page to start over. If you leave this page, you'll disconnect, so don't hit "Back" in the middle of a great conversation....

Mail wizards@hayseed.net if you have any questions or concerns. Welcome aboard!

The Meadow uses the PHudBase PHP/Websocket MUD Client.

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